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Oxford Technology Solutions is a Nationwide Crypto Currency Training and Consulting Firm. We have professional Consultants in Ohio, Michigan, Alaska, Florida, Texas, and New York. Our goal is to educate and provide the tools necessary to be successful in this growing/new money market.

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Crypto Currency is built on the Block Chain Principle. These principles are disrupting banks and helping take money out of the hands out of the extremely wealthy.

There is currently 80 Trillion Dollars in circulation, at the time of this writing there is 700 Billion Dollars invested in Crypto Currency. The rest of the worlds Money is located in safes or Centralized Banks. These Banks charge you up to $10 to access your own money. IT IS TIME TO CHANGE!

That is where Crypto Currency comes in. There are very small fee's associated with using ones money. Your money grows with the market and everyone is treated like partners.

A bank will charge you 20% in monthly compounded interest to borrow money. However, they borrow money from your accounts (savings accounts) and you are lucky to see a 3% Annual Percentage Return.

 "Don't be the person saying "I should have invested earlier", Nobody wants to be that Person"
Jeff Lowman