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website design oxford michigan 48371 | Malware Removal York PA 17370
cyber security and malware removal in 48371, 17370

Oxford Technology Solutions is a small home based companys in Oxford, Mi 48371. 
Our home office is located in the Waterstone Community. We typically travel to our customers as there are no services that require a home office. Web Design consultation is quick and easy. We can create a site you and your customers will love and provide the Search Engine Optimization so your customers can easily find you. 

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Text or call us now 757-559-5727  or e-mail us at  oxfordtechguy48371@gmail.com
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repairs oxford michigan 48371 | repairs in York PA 17370
malware removal oxford michigan 48371


website design oxford michigan 48371
cyber security oxford michigan 48371

Oxford Technology Solutions

-Digital and Home Security
-Malware Removal 
- Website Design
- Business Solutions
- Search Engine Optimization 


Have your frozen computer fixed and malware removed in a couple of hours. We can pick up your computer and drop it off when its ready! No more waiting in lines to get your stuff fixed.
Are you looking for security solutions? With 10+ years of Military Security and as a college professor in Cyber Security, nobody can get your home or business more secure. 
Website Development/Design- Build Fees based on need and per page. Only $50.00 a month to maintain. INCLUDES URL FEE (I can have your website up by the end of the week)
THIS is 75% less than other local competitors!
Are you just looking into new technology? (cloud, pc upgrades, applications, software, etc.) Business Consulting starts at $75.00 an hour.
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